Garden Care 

Your garden needs looking after, whether its a fully stocked country garden or just a square patch of lawn. Gardens look better and are more enjoyable to be in, if they're regularly and carefully tended to. We not only look after your everyday garden maintenance tasks, but ensure that each time we visit, your garden grows and improves, adding to your enjoyment. 

Expert Gardeners

Gardeners who love plants, and are trained horticulturalists will know what they're doing when tending to your garden meaning you can be confident your garden is being looked after by an gardening expert. Horticulturalists are often keen to share their knowledge and always ready to talk plants and gardens. All of our gardeners are fully trained in horticulture or are working towards a horticulture qualification meaning you will always get a professional service by a knowledgeable gardener. 

Here are some of the things we do to look after your garden...

  • Lawn Care

  • Grass Cutting 

  • Pruning

  • Hedge Cutting

  • Leaf Clearance

  • Spring and Autumn clear up

We can advise you on what can and could be done in your garden to keep it looking great all year round. We use a maintenance plan tailored to your garden and your budget so you can get the best out of your plot. With a regular fortnightly, monthly or quarterly visit you can be sure your garden will be well looked after, giving you more time to enjoy our hard work. 

Budgeting your money is easy with our monthly maintenance plans. From just £35 per month, employing Danielle Collette to maintain your garden is an affordable option!

We know how to get the best out of your garden.

  • ​Weeding

  • Deadheading

  • Training & Staking

  • Dividing plants, Mulching & Fertilising 

  • Topiary 

  • Planting

 Maintenance Plans 

What's in your garden?  

Knowing what's in your garden is the first step to creating an effective maintenance plan. It can also be useful to identify any gaps which need filling or creating. Working with you to determine the level of care your garden needs according to your budget. 

Lychnis coronaria Stipa gigantea chives

Garden Health Assessment.

All plants in your garden will be health checked initially and monitored regularly to ensure your garden stays healthy. If needed we can check the condition of your soil and include soil improvements in your tailored maintenance plan. We know how to effectively deal with pests in an environmentally friendly way, keeping your garden in tip top condition for you to safely enjoy. 

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Tailored Plan

We will create a tailored maintenance plan which we use to ensure all the gardening tasks needed to keep your garden looking great, are all carried out at the right time. This means that your garden plants will perform better and thrill you with their healthy displays. Your garden will be tidy and well maintained allowing you to enjoy the time you spend in it.  

Annual Garden Maintenance Calendar

Scheduled Visits

Depending on the size of your garden and the amount of maintenance required to keep it looking great, we will schedule our visits to be perfectly timed so we can carry out all the tasks on your tailored maintenance plan. You'll know when to expect us and you'll know what jobs will be done, so you can sit back and relax knowing we're taking care of things.  

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Advice and Suggestions

If you employ us to regularly maintain your garden all year round, we will happily advise you and make suggestions on how to improve your garden or how to add planting to extend the interest in your garden. Your garden will look better over time and you will want to spend more time in it than ever before. 

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Design Aftercare

We offer complete aftercare for all our designed and installed gardens, to ensure your new garden establishes well and grows into the garden you've dreamed of. Because we're invested in your garden form the start, you can be sure we will look after your garden as if its our own. 

Dirty Hands

 Need Advice? 

Do you like gardening?

If you like gardening but feel like you don't know where to start or just want to learn more about how to look after your own garden, we offer a supportive and highly informative, hands on garden advice service. 

Book us in to visit you in your garden to tackle those gardening tasks together. We can offer great guidance and advice on how to prune all of your trees, shrubs, climbers and fruit. Or we can help asses garden diseases and advise on the best way to tackle pests which invade our gardens. 


You can learn so much in just a couple of hours, or make it a regular session and we can totally transform your garden together. 

New Build Gardens

You've bought your new home and chosen all those interiors to make your new house your home, but what about the garden? New builds almost always come with an un-inspiring plot of mud (turf if your lucky) with a few paving slabs by the back door. Other common features of the new build garden are lack of privacy, poor soil conditions and awkward or limited space.  Good design is the best and most effective solution to these common problems associated with new build plots. There's one huge advantage to new build gardens. Its a blank canvas, crying out to be transformed into your own personal sanctuary or a perfectly laid out family and entertaining space.

Danielle Collette has developed the perfect formulated design method to overcome many of the problems facing new build gardens, while delivering affordable, beautiful and functional gardens. Armed with clever, space maximising hard landscaping ideas and a range of planting schemes that will cope with the poor soil conditions and provide interest and privacy for every plot, your new build garden design by Danielle Collette will complete your new home and enhance your life.

 Garden Design Solutions for New Build Homes

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