Garden Design 

Your perfect garden can become more than a dream. Just like those gardens you see in the glossy magazines, they are a reality and often even better in person than those captured moments of perfection.

Keep reading to find out how we achieve your garden's full potential... 

Do you dream of owning a perfect garden?

Danielle Collette provides a straight forward garden design service to help you achieve your idea of a dream garden.  Our motto of 'truly understanding the client produces the best results' leads to all of our consultations and communications with you, our client, being the key to achieving your perfect garden space. We are great at listening to your ideas, recognising your tastes and celebrating your individual style, while considering the opportunities and limitations of your site and budget, to produce a garden which is beautiful, functional and achievable.

Can you describe your perfect plot?

If you know what you want, we can create the best version of your ideas that works for your budget and site.

Don't worry if your not sure how you want your garden to look, we'll use our design skills, passion and horticultural expertise to advise you on everything from style to sustainability to create a garden that brings you joy and enhances your life.


Most people like gardens, many people love gardens, but everyone who sees or experiences a good garden will leave it feeling elevated.


Knowing what kind of garden you want may be less about the style and more about how it feels or vice versa. Our collaborative and creative design process can establish what you truly desire from your garden and confidently produce a design solution that exceeds your expectations. Design evolution is an exciting process and has the potential to create outstanding design.

 The Design Process 


Initial Consultation  

We love to talk gardens. We could do it all day. When it comes to deciding if we are the right designer for you, an initial consultation is the best way to begin.  This involves a visit to your home to talk about your ideas. We will take detailed notes during this meeting using our thorough garden design questionnaire, which we then use to begin the design process. A initial site review will be conducted too, so we can get a real feel for your garden space and its potential.

Laptop & Coffee


Design Brief

This forms our agreement, following a comprehensive consultation we will provide you with a statement outlining all the needs and requirements of your garden design. All expectations are high-lighted so you know what to expect from us before a final decision is made.

Signing Contract


Site Survey

It is essential we gain a thorough understanding of your site, including its dimensions, aspect,  soil conditions, underground services and access points. If you have a very large or complex site with many level changes, it may be necessary to gain a professional site survey, which may incur a separate cost.

elisa-michelet-1139602-unsplash tape mea



This is the exciting bit, where the creativity flows. Mood boards, sketches and simple layout plans are produced to help you visualise the finished garden. Concepts are usually presented to you in person, during a concept meeting. Here will can finalise the ideas and proposals to ensure the final design meets ours and your expectations.



Final plans

Detailed technical tender documents are produced once the concept has been agreed. This may include site plans, setting out plans, construction drawings, specification documents and installation schedules. These drawings and documents detail all the specifics of your garden design and enable the safe and appropriate installation of your garden, so the end result is of the expected standard.

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A Planting scheme that elevates your Garden Design

An expertly designed planting scheme would make your garden design come to life and could make your life easier! The options for planting up your garden are infinite, but choosing the best varieties and species of plants are key to a long lasting, successful planting scheme.


Our obsession and passion for plants means we can put together a planting scheme that will not only look stunning, suit your garden setting and add to the feel of your garden, but can also be designed to be low maintenance, look good all year or even thrive in tricky garden situations.

New Build Gardens

You've bought your new home and chosen all those interiors to make your new house your home, but what about the garden? New builds almost always come with an un-inspiring plot of mud (turf if your lucky) with a few paving slabs by the back door. Other common features of the new build garden are lack of privacy, poor soil conditions and awkward or limited space.  Good design is the best and most effective solution to these common problems associated with new build plots. There's one huge advantage to new build gardens. Its a blank canvas, crying out to be transformed into your own personal sanctuary or a perfectly laid out family and entertaining space.

Danielle Collette has developed the perfect formulated design method to overcome many of the problems facing new build gardens, while delivering affordable, beautiful and functional gardens. Armed with clever, space maximising hard landscaping ideas and a range of planting schemes that will cope with the poor soil conditions and provide interest and privacy for every plot, your new build garden design by Danielle Collette will complete your new home and enhance your life.

 Garden Design Solutions for New Build Homes