Soft Landscape Design 

At Danielle Collette we think plants make a garden. Its our passion and expertise!

Imagine the best garden you've seen...

Maybe it is a show garden, or a large estate garden in a glossy magazine, or it could be your grandparents back yard full of beautiful hand tended flowers, manicured lawn and veg patch. The key to the success of these gardens are the expertly crafted planting combinations. Even the most natural looking spaces have carefully considered planting schemes to get that wild, always been there look. 


Updating or re-designing your soft-landscaping can make a big difference to how often you use your garden, how you feel while your in it and how much pleasure it gives you and your visitors, all through the year.  Some areas of your garden may suffer from low light levels, poorly drained soil or sun-baked dry conditions. There are plants that will thrive in these tricky positions and they can transform those problem areas from weedy eyesores into stunning focal features, by simply using the right plants.

Hate gardening?  Or just don't have time?

" Eliminating tasks through better design and planning. Keep maintenance manageable. "


Low maintenance gardens are a common requirement for busy garden owners, but how do you achieve the wow factor with low maintenance planting? Its really quite easy. We have developed several low maintenance planting schemes that give interest in your garden all year.  Contemporary, modern planting schemes are especially good at limiting the amount of time needed to keep them looking sleek through the seasons, by using a limited amount of plant varieties and planting in large blocks. To completely remove the need for you to maintain your garden, the best option is to employ an experienced gardener to look after it for you. We provide tailored maintenance plans to keep your planting happy and thriving.


 Planting Plans  

PLANTING PLAN Prairie Garden Danielle Co

When we produce a soft-landscape design, we take into consideration many things that affect the establishment, performance and overall look and feel of your garden planting and its surroundings. From soil conditions and aspect, to complementing the structures and backdrop to the final planting. 

What planting style would you love in your garden?

English Country Cottage

The traditional English country or cottage gardens are still a firm favourite of many garden owners. Its so close to what surrounds us in our natural landscape and here in the UK we are lucky enough to have the perfect climate for growing a huge range of varied and interesting trees and plants. A garden full of lush, colourful, burgeoning planting is what most people inherently admire, with varying degrees of formality and order. Cottage garden planting styles often require a significant amount of work throughout the year, but with clever plant choices it is possible to achieve the cottage garden look, with lower maintenance requirements.



Contemporary styling includes bold use of lines, shape, colour and texture. Elegant, simplistic or minimalist soft-landscape design, gives that luxurious, high quality feel to a space that can elevate your garden for that magazine look, which your friends and family will want to visit time and time again. Evergreen structure using clipped hedging and plant screens complement sleek, modern hard-landscaping and also provide extra privacy. This style maximises space which is brilliant for entertaining. Include lighting and the use of your garden can be extended into the evening.

Contemporary planting.jpg

Low Maintenance Shrubs

A Shrub border is a great solution to providing year round interest using a limited amount of planting, requiring only a small amount of timely pruning to keep it looking great. With the choice of hundreds of excellent shrubs that provide interest via their stems, foliage, flowers, fruits and seeds, every season the planting in your garden will give you a reason to smile. A winter garden, full of sweet scent and appreciation for the resilience of the natural world can be achieved just through a well considered choice of shrubs and bulbs. This style of planting is great for standing up to the rigours of a garden used by young families and is great for birds and wildlife too.

shrub border.jpg

Herbaceous Borders

Mixed borders are a great combination of small trees, structural shrubs, flowering plants, grasses and bulbs, where creativity can be explored. Like a moving, evolving painting, mixed planting can create movement, energy, serenity, a calm back drop or a striking focal point. Blending colour, texture and form to provide a garden which continually delights and builds to a crescendo in Summer, by expertly combining plants.

Soft Landscape Design by Danielle Collet


Japanese or Zen style planting using a small range of trees, compact shrubs, ferns, grasses and mosses is an art form in its homeland of Asia. You can get a similar look and feel of a Japanese garden by taking the key elements and replicating them in your garden space. Simplicity being the key to success. We have had success designing contemplative spaces with beautiful, simple zen like planting that have helped bring calm moments to our clients lives.


Whether you want overflowing flower filled borders or simple healthy looking, easy to maintain greenery, a planting plan by Danielle Collette will help you achieve a perfectly planted garden, with the added benefit of great aftercare help and advice as standard.


Looking after your new Garden

Knowing what to do in your garden, how and when to do it, is easy with a maintenance plan. That's why we include one in your aftercare pack with each planting plan we produce. Your aftercare pack also includes plant profiles for each plant included in your planting plan with detailed advice on how to care for them. All contained in a handy booklet which is easy to refer to throughout the year. We take time, pride and care to produce a stunning, effective and transformative planting design service for your garden and we want it to thrive, so you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your garden.

New Build Gardens

You've bought your new home and chosen all those interiors to make your new house your home, but what about the garden? New builds almost always come with an un-inspiring plot of mud (turf if your lucky) with a few paving slabs by the back door. Other common features of the new build garden are lack of privacy, poor soil conditions and awkward or limited space.  Good design is the best and most effective solution to these common problems associated with new build plots. There's one huge advantage to new build gardens. Its a blank canvas, crying out to be transformed into your own personal sanctuary or a perfectly laid out family and entertaining space.

Danielle Collette Garden Design has developed the perfect formulated design method to overcome many of the problems facing new build gardens, while delivering affordable, beautiful and functional gardens. Armed with a range of planting schemes that will cope with the poor soil conditions and provide interest and privacy for every plot, your new build garden design by Danielle Collette will complete your new home. Even without hard-landscaping your back garden can become a calm oasis with the simple addition of some cleverly designed planting combinations and other soft-landscaping solutions. 

 Garden Design Solutions for New Build Homes

Planting in new build garden plots are lacking and uninspiring to say the least, but the front gardens are usually planted up with the same amenity planting across the whole site. These plants are tough and put up with the compacted soil full of rubble, with only a sprinkling of top soil to grow in. They never quite look the best the can and after only a couple of years, completely outgrow the space, often blocking light through windows or access to front doors. Although they are evergreen and the combinations differ slightly from house to house, they don't deliver on the potential curb appeal that a good front garden can provide. To make your home stand out from the rest, differentiate your plot with unique planting and soft landscape design that elevates the entrance to your new home, making coming home enjoyable and more inviting.